About The Refectory

Our Brief History


Our Brief History

The Refectory by Bursaria at Werribee Park has been the exemplary caterer for grand weddings in this heritage listed destination since 2015. 

With the impact of Covid in March 2020, The Refectory began a creative transformation to offer more unique, intimate dining experiences located throughout Werribee Park, with a focus on quality wholesome food that could be enjoyed by everyone.

This led to the creation of The Refectory’s catered picnics, often set in the stunning Rose Garden, an all-day outdoor dining menu featured on the gorgeous Werribee Mansion Terrace and a delightful cake and coffee parlour for take-away.

Despite The Refectory being commonly known for hosting extravagant weddings and gala dinners of 150+ guests, visitors will find nothing less than wedding perfection in each dish; even in the carefully individualised picnic boxes for a more relaxed dining experience.

Quality food is the focus at The Refectory, with each flavour, colour and texture intensively considered throughout every dish. Local produce is the absolute hero of the menu, allowing guests to truly celebrate and indulge in everything the region has to offer.