Why The Refectory is the best location for your next corporate function 

What comes to mind when you think Corporate Event? Is it work? Professional environment? Maybe even boring? Well, this certainly isn’t the case if you host your next corporate function at The Refectory with award-winning caterer Bursaria. Imagine high ceilings and contemporary décor accompanied by exemplary service and quality food that’s been locally sourced.


The Refectory is a fusion of modern heritage, offering a stunning backdrop for photos with colleagues, and an opportune time to add media content to your business website. What’s grander than a product launch with the Werribee Mansion in the background? Recently restored, this building still has its historical charm while breathing an air of elegance into your event. Even if it’s just a standard training day for your company, you can be assured every employee will want to attend.

If your corporate function requires breaks, colleagues and employees will have the chance to wander the charming and expansive Werribee Park gardens. Seemingly endless, these gardens feature Lemon Scented Gums, Roses and a wide range of local flora and fauna for you to enjoy.


Focusing on wholesome, seasonal ingredients and local produce, your menu requirements are carefully considered by the Bursaria team ensuring a unique experience for your special event.

With a wide variety of catering options available, you’ll be able to tailor your corporate function to your unique business culture. So, if you’re wanting a more relaxed setting, Bursaria can cater your corporate event at all sites available across Werribee Park. This includes the park gardens and lawns, the barn, courtyard and terrace. No need for formal sit-down meals, why not make it more sociable with picnic or alfresco dining options? 


The Refectory by Bursaria at Werribee Park has been the exemplary caterer for grand events in this heritage listed destination since 2015. Sara O’Callaghan, the mastermind and hospitality extraordinaire of Bursaria Fine Foods has a simple philosophy; use the freshest seasonal produce to make unique, delicious food concepts with love and care.

Not only will your function be held in one of Victoria’s most sought-after venues, but your meals throughout the day have been carefully considered to ensure every plate tells a story. Or if you’ve chosen a picnic option for your function, the items within your picnic boxes complement each other beautifully.

Specialising in big events, Sara knows what it takes to create lasting memories and will work with you to create something incredible for your corporate function. Her undeniable passion, love and joy for fabulous food, means your in no safer hands, than with Sara O’Callaghan and her team at Bursaria Fine Foods.

Want to know if this venue is right for you? Send us an email and The Refectory team are more than happy to discuss options with you.