The Refectory Winter Weddings are a Winner!

Everyone knows the typical Australian wedding season starts in September and goes through until March… Couples want to make the most of the gorgeous Spring and Summer warm weather, endless blue skies and less chance of rain. However, that leaves a big chunk of months in the cooler parts of the year not being utilised to their best potential. For those couples that don’t want to swelter in 40-degree heat and have glare in their eyes all day, we have the perfect alternative – a winter wedding!

Here at The Refectory, we are massive fans of winter weddings, and really think they can be just as (if not more) stunning and romantic as Summer weddings. Here’s why:

  • Even in Winter, the Sun is still your best friend…

Smack bang in the middle of winter, usually around June 21st, is the shortest day of the year. This winter solstice means the sun is at its lowest point in the sky, typically sitting at a 42-45 degree angle, which in simple terms means the sun’s light has to cut through more of the earth’s atmosphere before it reaches us. When the light eventually hits us, it’s softer and much more flattering. There is no direct overhead light, so shadows on your face aren’t as prominent. This makes for better photography!

Overcast skies and the sun hidden behind clouds also make for great photography. Not just for the softer sun, but a skilled photographer can take advantage of the diffused light and cloud formations to add depth, mood and texture to your photos.

Winter sunsets are also longer than summer sunsets – so you have more opportunities to squeeze in sunset ceremonies and photography. 

The Refectory is the perfect place for a breathtaking winter wedding, where the Werribee Park gardens and grounds take on a cosy, winter wonderland aesthetic, with our historic estate standing tall and proud amongst the sprawling lawns. 

  • Booking Availability and Promotions

Colder months are considered to be the off-peak season for wedding bookings, which means you have the opportunity to grab a bargain! Budget conscious couples benefit greatly from a winter wedding at The Refectory. We are currently offering a 5-hour event, with your choice of either cocktail style or plated menu, plus a beverage package starting at just $120 per person! 

That is amazing value, and you won’t just save some money, you’ll also have a greater choice of dates to book. (Although with a deal this good, we’re sure dates will fill up fast!)

An added bonus is that wedding suppliers usually offer winter discounts and promotional offers also, stretching your dollar even further!

  • Romantic, Warm and Whimsical

Anyone that holds the belief that a winter wedding is cold and soulless, has never experienced an event at The Refectory.  The Werribee Mansion is a living, breathing postcard of the 19th century, with an Italianate architectural style and aura of absolute sophistication. Your ceremony booking includes exclusive use of the main hallway, grand staircase, salon and first floor landing within the Mansion – all weatherproof, indoor options so you needn’t worry about rain! 

Your reception in The Refectory is a classic mix of old-world charm and contemporary style that naturally creates a warm, luxurious and glamorous ambience. Rich, opulent and romantic- yet also fresh, inviting and drenched with natural light from stunning arch windows, The Refectory is the perfect fusion of modern grandeur and heritage charm, where all your wedding dreams come to life. Add some twinkling fairy lights, flickering candles and deep hued florals and your perfect winter wedding scene is set!

  • Decadent and Delicious, Hearty Catering

Catering is a standout at The Refectory. Delivered by the amazing team at Bursaria Fine Foods, we offer a range of menus for you to select from, full of authentic and creative items that focus on wholesome, flavourful, fuss-free dishes.  

Their winter menu is packed full of hot and hearty options that ensure your guests are full and happy before they hit the dance floor to burn it off!

  • Winter in Australia  = Summer in Europe! 

The beauty of hosting a winter wedding in Australia, means as soon as the rings are on your fingers and the marriage certificate is signed, you can jet off overseas straight away to enjoy a blissful honeymoon during the European Summer! 

Added bonus – All that money you’ve saved on your winter wedding will allow you to spend an extra few weeks tanning on the Amalfi Coast or relaxing on a Greek Island!

We understand that some couples will have their heart set on saying their vows on a warm sunny day, and we respect your preference! But believe us when we say that winter weddings can be just as amazing and beautiful. The Refectory is proud to have the ability to provide both options to cater to every theme, budget and style.

Now we have given you some great reasons to consider a winter wedding, be sure to get in touch with one of our friendly team to have a chat about our current Winter Weddings promotion, available dates and how we can make your winter wedding magical!