About Bursaria Fine Foods

The Journey

The Journey

Running a successful business for 16 years is no easy task, but Sara O’Callaghan of Bursaria Fine Foods has accomplished this with seemingly effortless style and grace. Commencing her career with Como House in Melbourne, Sara fell in love with heritage style venues, and her business expanded to add operating The Refectory at Werribee Park since 2015.

Sara started Bursaria Fine Foods with the vision of creating a boutique catering company with a simple philosophy: use the freshest seasonal produce to make unique, delicious food concepts with love and care.

Appreciating the importance of quality food and truly understanding how it brings people together and creates a shared experience, is one of Sara’s natural talents. She encourages her team to be authentic and creative; focusing on wholesome, flavour packed, fuss free dishes. She wants to take guests on a food journey throughout the event and enable them to gather and interact in a relaxed environment – her passion for her craft is evident on every plate.

Sara believes one of her greatest attributes is the ability to tell a great story and create a ‘vision’ that is infectious – leaving clients, staff and friends wanting to know, and experience more. Communication is key within hospitality and Sara has the knack of being able to engage, excite, motivate and inspire; simply with her imagination, creativity and strong voice.

There will always be something that people need to celebrate with family, friends and food; and this is the bottom line of why Sara does what she does – at the end of the day she thrives on making amazing experiences – diligently working behind the scenes to create memories for each and every one of her clients and guests.  Her undeniable passion, love and joy for fabulous food, means your next event is in no safer hands, than with Sara O’Callaghan and her team at Bursaria Fine Foods.

Sara O’Callaghan of Bursaria Fine Foods